DualPoint 2.0

DualPoint 2.0
DualPoint 2.0
DualPoint 2.0

Evolving from the popular DualPoint™ holster, BlackPoint is proud to announce the limited launch of our DualPoint™ 2.0 holster. The DualPoint™ 2.0 is a minimalist AIWB holster which can be worn in an appendix carry position around to a strong side position. This holster is optimized for a minimal footprint inside the waistband while still incorporating popular features which aid in concealment. The trigger bump gently leverages against the inside of the waistband to angle the pistol grip closer to the torso. It also features our patent pending entry wedge. The wedge eases holster placement inside the waistband by eliminating contact with leading edges of loop attachment hardware.

At launch, the DualPoint™ 2.0 is available for the Hellcat Pro but compatibility for other pistols will be offered in the future.

Holster Specifications:
Make: Springfield Armory­®
Model: Hellcat® Pro
Color: Black .080 KYDEX
Hand: RH or LH
Loops: Dual, Tuckable 1.75" IWB Clips

The limited edition MultiCam® Black version of this holster is available exclusively through the Springfield Armory website.


Entry Wedge
Wedge geometry eases holster placement inside-the-waistband by eliminating contact with leading edges of attachment hardware.

Trigger Bump
Applies subtle pressure to the inside of the waistband, angling the grip closer to the body and enhancing concealment.

Metal Hardware
Tuckable metal clips allow the holster to be concealed even when the concealment garment must be tucked. Metal hardware eliminates potential failure points and ensures your pistol is there when needed.

RDS compatibility
All DualPoint 2.0’s are RDS cut from the factory.

User Adjustable Retention
Allows for quick adjustment of holster retention within set range.

All holsters proudly made in the USA
Made in the USA

The items listed on this specific page are in stock and will ship within 2 days. They are not subject to our typical production lead times. These items are sold as completed product and no modifications can be made to any of the listed specifications of these holsters. Additional loop sets can be purchased from the Hardware page of the website. Any other modifications would need to be ordered as a custom holster and built to order.


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