Spare Magazine Pouch

Spare Magazine Pouch
Spare Magazine Pouch
Spare Magazine Pouch
Spare Magazine Pouch
Spare Magazine Pouch
Spare Magazine Pouch

BlackPoint Tactical manufactures both single and double magazine pouches for most magazines on the market. These all KYDEX® pouches are built for hard use and retain similar design characteristics of our Standard OWB series of holsters.

Spare Magazine Pouches are molded with a total curvature throughout the pouch as opposed to just have a flat pouch with edges that are bent inward. The total curvature yields a better fit against the natural curvature of the body. The single mag pouches have fixed retention while the double mag pouches are equipped with a retention screw between the magazines which allow the user to customize their level of retention based on their preference. The pouches are built to have good coverage on the magazine while allowing the user to obtain a positive grip on the magazine while reloading. These pouches are built to last and are ideal for users who desire a rigid platform.


Metal OWB Loops
Eliminates a common failure point on many OWB holsters.

Tension Screw
Allows for quick adjustment of holster retention within set range.

OWB Concealable
The thin mounting profile of the holster allows for OWB concealment.

Total Curve
Allows for increased comfort as uniform holster curvature better matches curvature of the body.

Thread Locker
Applied to all screws to prevent loosening over time.

Additional OWB Loops
Available in 2.00”, 1.75”, and 1.5”. Our adjustable loop is 1.75” and allows for adjustments in ride height.

All holsters proudly made in the USA
Made in the USA

2 reviews for Spare Magazine Pouch

  1. John

    I carry two spares for my 1911 with this holster. Curved design plus the single column magazines make spare carrier almost unnoticeable underneath a loose shirt.

  2. David (verified owner)

    Great magazine pouches for the SIG P365. Unlike generic “double-stack 9mm” pouches from other brands that have trouble holding the oddly-shaped P365 mags, these are custom molded to the specific magazines and seem very secure. They are pretty wide, especially the double pouch, but the low-profile belt loops and curved shape allow them to hug the body.

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