Standard OWB Holster

The Original Holster
Standard OWB Holster
Standard OWB Holster
Standard OWB Holster
Standard OWB Holster
Standard OWB Holster
Standard OWB Holster
Standard OWB Holster
Standard OWB
Standard OWB Holster

The Standard OWB has similarities to other KYDEX® OWB holsters on the market, but BlackPoint Tactical has perfected the design. The Standard OWB is ideal for users who desire a rugged and rigid carry platform.

When examining our Standard OWB holster, there are a few design differences that set it apart from other, all-KYDEX® holsters on the market. Many KYDEX® holster manufacturers mold the holster flat, only bending the edges of the holster toward the belt line. This can create contact points on the body where the curvature of the holster does not match that of your body. Over a period of extended wear, these spots can become very uncomfortable to wear. The Standard OWB holster is designed to have a total curve throughout the body of the holster, allowing the holster to have a more natural fit to the curve of the body. Additionally, the Standard OWB holster comes outfitted with a retention screw that allows the end user adjustability to the retention of the holster to their preference. The addition of metal hardware eliminates a common failure point (loops breaking) found on most OWB holsters. The Standard OWB is great for OWB concealment due to the side mounted belt attachment points. This reduces the overall thickness of the platform and allows the gun to ride as close to the body as possible.


Metal OWB Loops
Eliminates a common failure point on many OWB holsters.

Sweat Guard
Standard option that extends from top of holster between body and firearm. Protects gun by providing a sweat barrier from the body. Protects body from gun when holstering. Provides touch point for ease in holstering.

Cant Options
Available straight up and down or at a 15° forward cant.

Tension Screw
Allows for quick adjustment of holster retention within set range.

OWB Concealable
The thin mounting profile of the holster allows for OWB concealment.

Total Curve
Allows for increased comfort as uniform holster curvature better matches curvature of the body.

Thread Locker
Applied to all screws to prevent loosening over time.

Additional OWB Loops
Available in 2.00”, 1.75”, and 1.5”. Our adjustable loop is 1.75” and allows for adjustments in ride height.

OWB/IWB Conversion
All OWB holsters can be converted to IWB by removing the OWB loops from the back of the holster and attaching IWB loops to the front of the holster.

All holsters proudly made in the USA
Made in the USA


16 reviews for Standard OWB Holster

  1. Cory S

    Weapon: FNX 45
    I have always been skeptical of people who say they CC a full size .45, but now I’m a believer. The FNX is a full size piatol pistol yet with the leatherwing its more comfortable to CC than my little .38. Fit and finish are great, and comfortable. Fantastic IWB holster, turned a full-size 45 into an everday carry. Also, the IWB clips fit over a standard issue military belt, I mention this because my other IWB hoslter doesn’t. Holds the weapon snugly, not gonna bounce loose on accident, but still able to draw really quickly.
    5 stars all around

  2. David Ferrigno (verified owner)

    I picked up the “Standard” for my Glock 22 and H&K VP9, it is the most comfortable OWB holster I have worn and is surprisingly very concealable for such large weapons compared to other holsters. The quality on the product is great and has been very durable for daily use. Whether sitting, standing, or walking/running around, this holster is fantastic and does not dig into your side as some other kydex holsters do. The fit is perfect, with no scratches on my weapons. I would highly recommend this holster to anyone.

  3. Tyler Peebles

    I got this holster for my glock22 and its the most comfortable holster I have ever had. being an investigator I wear it every day sitting behind my desk for long periods of time does not dig into your side or make your hip hurt. this holster is well worth the price. it fits my pistol perfect I would recommend this holster to anybody looking for a comfortable durable holster. I can’t say enough good things about it. others at my department have also used my holster and are now buying them one. you will NOT be sorry getting this holster.

  4. Doug Landers

    You guys ROCK!! And so does the Mini-Wing for my G19!!
    Several months ago, having begun to carry concealed, I purchased a competitor’s cheap $20 Kydex IWB holster, thinking that was all I would need. It was my primary IWB holster.

    I quickly realized I didn’t like getting pinched, or getting my shirt snagged, on re-holster. I also didn’t like the way it rode on my waistband, or where I had to carry it in order to be comfortable, and not print. IT just wasn’t working out, and I was getting frustrated and disappointed.

    So I began my quest to find a better IWB. I struggled between BlackPoint and a competitor, for a bit, and almost went with the less expensive competitor. But Tyler was great with taking time to answer my challenges as to why BlackPoint was better. And he didn’t try to “sell” me a holster, but gave me valid reasons supported by facts. (Tyler, you’re a true asset to your profession, and the company!)

    On 9 June 2015, I took the plunge, and purchased a Mini-Wing IWB for my G19. At that time Tyler informed me it would take 3-3.5 weeks to receive my order. Imagine my joy when I was informed on 22 June it had already shipped, and was delivered to me on 25 June!!

    I have worn my new Mini-Wing several times since then, and love, love, love it!! Very comfortable, concealable, and excellent to draw from and re-holster into! No more pinches, snagged shirts, or other concerns. can’t believe I even considered another’s holster!

    My BPT Mini-Wing is my new primary, and the cheap $20 I had? well it is collecting retirement dust!! Thank you very much BlackPoint Tactical, and Tyler! As I said- you guys ROCK!!!
    We will be doing more business in the future!

  5. Scott Taylor (verified owner)

    I purchased the standard holster for my Kimber Tactical Pro 1911. I just received it today and the workmanship is perfect! this is my second holster from Black Point Tactical and I am not disappointed. The kydex is so thick and the fit is perfect, this holster will last a life time!

  6. Richard Caceres (verified owner)

    I have 2 and ordered a 3rd today. I have bags full of holsters, these are the best. Great retention, easy on the gun, fast in and out of the holster. I’m a big guy ( read fat) and they are comfortable. Black point calls that Tactical girth. Great people, great product.

  7. James Story (verified owner)

    This is my second standard holster from Black Point tactical & I am totally satisfied, Both holsters are for a Glock 43, one with a Crimson trace laser & one without, These holsters are well made, with smooth edges & they are made to fit you like a glove, they fit very close to your body, they ride high on your belt but not to high that they lean out, they have just the right amount of retention also, Best of all they are great to do business with, They are my go to for all my future holsters.

  8. Mike Herring

    In one word outstanding !!!

  9. David

    Purchased this holster for my Sig P226 Legion SAO. Fit, finish and quality are outstanding! Shipping time was good and the price for this quality rig is reasonable. As an armed officer, CCW holder and former shooting instructor and in my opinion-this type of OWB rig is the only way I’ve found to carry this full-size 18rnd tactical pistol concealed and comfortable for long periods of time. Keep in mind that a seriously heavy-duty belt is a must as it is supporting an awful lot of weight and a cheap belt will move around and sag too much to be effective. Am used to carrying IWB, but was getting tired of having to buy pants that were 3sizes too big to be able to carry and then having them fall off of me when I took my weapon and holster off. This carry rig is AWESOME and is made very well. Also, belt loops are metal unlike some other manufacturers that use plastic ones in their builds and this is a serious plus in my book! This excellent rig should provide many years of service and I’m very happy with it!

  10. Paul Barrett (verified owner)

    I feel like I’ve finally found holster heaven. I rarely write reviews on products unless they’re about something really awful or really wonderful, and my new BlackPoint holster is really wonderful. For several years I’ve carried a Glock 19 in a somewhat similar but different brand of OWB Kydex holster. It conceals pretty well, it’s just not the most comfortable holster, and its Chicago screw construction tends to come apart without LocTite. I recently got a Glock 30S and I just couldn’t find a holster I wanted for it. Enter BlackPoint. I placed my order and the holster arrived, exactly as ordered, weeks before I expected it. It’s an absolutely perfect fit for the 30S, and as soon as I strapped it on I could tell it’s far and away the most comfortable OWB CCW holster I’ve ever had. The grip on the 30S is chunkier than the G19, but the BlackPoint Holster just makes it disappear under an untucked shirt. Every detail of this holster says “quality” – in design, materials, and construction. You can bet I’ll be looking at one of these for my G19, my Combat Commander, and maybe a few others. Best holster I’ve ever had by a country mile, worth every penny. Thank you, BlackPoint!

  11. Scott (verified owner)


    I expected my order to take the stated 4-5 weeks, and received it in only 8 days! Nice surprise.

    The holster was clean, fit my Sig M11-A1 perfectly, and the tension adjustment took 20 seconds to dial in.

    The curved shaped allows it to ride very comfortably, securely and very discreetly.

    Fit and finish were just as BP promised and the forward cant is spot on.

    My hand falls exactly where it needs to on the grip without hitting any of the holster material; and the release/return tension smartly snaps the firearm quickly and securely.

    Looking forward to running this hard and seeing how it performs in the field.

    Nice work guys – under promise and over deliver. I’m sold!

  12. Sean Casey

    I don’t carry my SIG Two Tone Ultra Compact 3.3″ as a daily carry but here in the Southwest, and I’m sure elsewhere, we have what we call a BBQ gun. So to open carry at a Ranch BBQ in my battered FDE Kydex with my daily carry Glock 19 would have been sad. I got this holster and a single mag pouch in Kryptek Typhon and DAMN! that is some fine looking rig. Most BBQ guns are gonna get carried in tooled leather or shark skin or something but I’ll show them all up. With the G10 gray scale SIG grips and the Wilson combat mags I bought, it’s a sweet looking rig. But forget the look; this holster and mag pouch have awesome fit and finish, very fine retention and they are built solid. First holster and a customer for life. Btw, I’ll be carrying open and OWB but this thing disappears under a light shirt.

  13. Craig Totten (verified owner)

    The holster seems very well made, but the 1.5″ option I selected does not fit my 1.5″ gun belt very well. Maybe these holsters are designed for people wearing a rigger’s belt (nylon). I would recommend ordering a size up from your belt width if you use an actual gun belt (i.e. order 1.75″ if you use a 1.5″ belt).

  14. bretjwood (verified owner)

    Well made, excellent retention, looks awesome.

  15. John

    Great holster, Fits my Glock 19 Gen 4 perfect! excellent retention, comfortable as well, but be aware that some belts that are very rigid and don’t like to bend will have a hard time getting through one of the loops, if you experience this, simply switch the belt loops to the other side and all problems will be solved. I will be buying more of these with every handgun buy!

  16. John

    Got one for a full-size 1911. The curvature of the holster makes the gun easier to carry and significantly more concealable. If you are close to average build and want to carry a full-size 1911 you should consider buying this holster.

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