Leather WING™ Light Mounted

Leather WING™ Light Mounted
Leather WING™ Light Mounted
Leather WING™ Light Mounted
Leather Wing Light Mounted
Leather WING™ Light Mounted
Leather WING™ Light Mounted
Leather WING™ Light Mounted
Leather Wing Light Mounted

The Leather WING™ – Light Mounted is the perfect solution for carrying a gun with mounted accessory for long periods of time by eliminating “hot spots” on the hip caused by traditional light mounted holsters. It draws from the same design components which make the Leather WING™ holster one of the most popular OWB holsters on the market today. The only difference is the Light Mounted holsters are built to be compatible with a wide selection of lights and lasers.

The KYDEX® footprint is minimized by trimming excess KYDEX® off the sides of the holster, and replacing it with leather “wings”. The belt loops of the holster are attached to these wings and the belt threads through the loops on the leather “wings”. The Leather WING™ – Light Mounted is great for OWB concealment due to the side mounted belt attachment points. This reduces the overall thickness of the platform and allows the gun to ride as close to the body as possible. This configuration allows for ultimate comfort, reliability, and concealment. The leather “wings” allow the holster to naturally curve with the body, giving a slimmer and more comfortable fit. This is especially beneficial when you are carrying weapon mounted accessory on your pistol. The increased size and weight of the gun/accessory combo is reduced with this KYDEX® and leather construction.


Leather Wings
Allow for ultimate comfort, reliability, and concealment by allowing the leather to curve naturally to the body.

Metal OWB Loops
Eliminates a common failure point on many OWB holsters.

Sweat Guard
Standard option that extends from top of holster between body and firearm. Protects gun by providing a sweat barrier from the body. Protects body from gun when holstering. Provides touch point for ease in holstering.

Cant Options
Available straight up and down or at a 15° forward cant.

OWB Concealable
The thin mounting profile of the holster allows for OWB concealment.

Thread Locker
Applied to all screws to prevent loosening over time.

Additional OWB Loops
Available in 2.00”, 1.75”, and 1.5”. Our adjustable loop is 1.75” and allows for adjustments in ride height.

OWB/IWB Conversion
All OWB holsters can be converted to IWB by removing the OWB loops from the back of the holster and attaching IWB loops to the front of the holster.

All holsters proudly made in the USA
Made in the USA

17 reviews for Leather WING™ Light Mounted

  1. Joe C

    I just received the Leather Wing holster for my Sig MK25 w/ x300 and it is a perfect fit! Everything about the holster is quality and durable. The kydex looks great, holds the Sig well w/ or without the light attached, and the leather is very comfortable. Tyler worked with me every step of the way emailing back answers to all my noob holster questions. Thanks again Blackpoint for the holster and customer service.

  2. Bob Steiner (verified owner)

    Excellent holster! I called these guys up, told them what I was looking for and they didn’t disappoint. The holster fit is PERFECT! It was about two weeks before I received my holster and I couldn’t be more pleased. I had mine made for a Springfield XDM 3.8 with a Surefire X300 light. I had previously used a Galco King Tuk but that didn’t allow me deploy a weapon light while carrying off duty. The holster fit is comfortable and no bigger than what is needed. Good retention for being a kydex platform. The clips for carrying outside the waistband only add to the versatility of this holster. Definitely plan on ordering a second one for my duty weapon and light.

  3. Jon Nelson (verified owner)

    I bought this holster for my Glock 22 with a surefire x300 ultra. This holster is by far my favorite and most comfortable holster Ive ever bought. The quality is very high, it looks good, and it feels comfortable. It’s well worth the money. Fast delivery too. Thanks Blackpoint!

  4. Michael Kadlub

    Best kydex holster I have ever had. I’m carrying a Sig P220 w/TLR1 everyday at work and with the leather wings I hardly know its there. Easy to draw from and sits well on my side.

  5. S. C. (verified owner)

    Great holster. Got mine for an HK45C with a TLR-3. Great fit, very snug. Looks sharp to. It does ride fairly high for my tastes, I’ll probably get some of the adjustable metal loops. Also, FYI, the sweat shield is cut for the safety in the off position, which is fine for a decocker only model, but prohibits locked and cocked carry.

    I’d buy it again without hesitation though. Well built, great finish. Quality product.

  6. travis (verified owner)

    Great product! Excellent customer service….I got a leather wing for a G17 with TLR1 combo…fit is perfect, comfortable and very sexy!

  7. Antonio D. (verified owner)

    I purchased this holster for my wife as she prefers OWB for her Glock 43 w/ TLR-6 attachment. She absolutely loves it, especially since it’s in pink. Thank you Black Point Tactical.

  8. Christopher (verified owner)

    I just received my holster and I’m completely speechless. I’ve been a lifelong crossbreed fan and this holster is 100% quality made. Customer service is outstanding as well.

  9. James Gibson (verified owner)

    The quality of this holster is AWESOME. Being retired Law Enforcement and now private security I love the way you can wear the gear you want without it printing even with a light shirt. I bought the leather wing with light and my Springfield xds .45 with Viridian laser light combo fits perfect. Customer service was awesome also after a mistake that I made they helped out immediately.
    Thanks Vanessa.

  10. A.O. (verified owner)

    This is my first kydex holster. It’s for an XD-9 with a TLR-3. Fit and finish is outstanding. The forward cant feels just right. What blows me away is how comfortable it is. It’s like you had a mold of my hip and formed the holster directly on it. I can’t wait to use this at my next handgun class.

  11. GrayMan (verified owner)

    Hands down the best holster I’ve ever worn. Period. I am a plainclothes gang/drug investigator who wears jeans, t-shirts, and random Dickies workshirts everyday. The problem with this is that its really hard to conceal a firearm in jeans and even a moderately fitted t-shirt. In recent months, I found myself in situations where carrying a Glock 27 stuck in my waistband wasn’t sufficient. I wanted to be able to have my 22 with light available, but not have the gun print horrendously. This holster “wears small,” allowing me to conceal a Glock 22 with Surefire X300 with almost no printing.

    Like most cops, I’ve accumulated a duffel bag full of holsters, mag pouches, and other random attachments that don’t ever quite work out. After seeing some other agents from another agency with Blackpoint holsters, I figured I’d give it a try. At worst I figured I’d end up with another $90 holster buried in the holster graveyard in my basement.

    I’ve been wearing this holster everyday for the last month and I’m stunned that it took someone this long to make something this great. Somedays I find myself in the car for long periods of time, and the other kydex holsters I’ve tried manage to dig into my side while riding. The combination of kydex with the leather wings here seems to give the holster enough give to rid comfortably, but enough rigidity to support the weight of a Glock 22 with Surefire X300 attached.

    The metal belt loops are sturdy, unlike the setup with plastic loops that I bought from another company. In that instance, the plastic loop failed, resulting in me drawing the entire holster off my belt with the gun during qualifications. I’m lucky it was on the range and not in a real-deal gunfight. Needless to say, that brand went to the trash.

    The retention on this holster is perfect, offering enough that you can run with it on or turn it upside down without feeling like the gun is going to come flying out. The draw is smooth and I never feel like it gets hung up.

    Overall I’m a convert and have been telling all the guys in my office how great the holster is. Buy one and you won’t regret it. Great work guys.

  12. James Miller (verified owner)

    Ok, to start off with, I am a small framed guy and am very difficult to impress when it comes to holsters. I am former military and Law Enforcement and carry concealed 24/7. It always seems that holsters are either comfortable but don’t conceal well or conceal well but are uncomfortable. On more than one occasion I have felt the need to modify a “custom” holster. Not so with the light bearing leather wing. I can honestly say that I am VERY impressed with this holser. I wore it for 2 weeks straight carrying a Springfield MC Operator with a TLR-1 attached, IWB, and not only was it comfortable…it was absolutely invisible. I wore it at an Academy while teachung and not only could none of the students tell, but neither could the other instructors! The look of shock when a smaller guy unveils that they are carrying a light-bearing full size 1911 and it doesn’t print is hilarious! And like I said before, the best part is that it is comfortable! You will not find a better holster for whatever your purpose. It is also easily reholstered in the IWB configuration. I am planning on buying a blackpoint for all of my guns now that I have one for the operator. Yes, they are a little more than some, yes the wait time is a couple weeks, but it is worth it, I promise. Buy one and you won’t regret it, you just might buy more.

  13. Christopher Schultz (verified owner)

    This thing is amazing. I open carry at work (Gun range employee) and I switched to carrying this OWB from an IWB holster from a different manufacturer. This is the highest quality kydex holster I’ve handled, and it isn’t even a close race for second. The retention on my PPQ with a surefire X300U-A is perfect. It snaps into place and holds firm, but it’s still easy to draw. On top of that, these guys are one of very few holster manufacturers showing us Walther weirdos some love, so I’d give an extra star for that if I could. 6/5 would recommend to literally anyone that carries.

  14. matthew.dyson4 (verified owner)

    Excellent Holster for my CZ P-10C with X300U-A light attachment! Vanessa was extremely helpful even through changing the color of my holster to all of my holster status update questions. I would recommend this holster and company to anyone looking for quality products and excellent customer service!

  15. dproctor.texas (verified owner)

    Comfortable and very secure OWB holster that fits my Sig Sauer P320 X-VTAC. The “VTAC” was created by Viking Tactics which feature both night optics as well as fiber optic sights for day shooting. Given this configuration has taller than normal sights and is paired with the Streamlight TLR-8, I opted to have a custom holster built to ensure a proper fit. I was skeptical of the additional cost but in the end well worth the money. The holster is comfortable to wear outside the waist and securely holds this customized configuration and has a smooth and clean draw. Bottom line this is a great company that stands behind their product with lifetime warranty.

  16. dproctor.texas (verified owner)

    Black Point stands behind their product! I liked my first holster so much we bought a second for my wife’s P320 Compact fitted with the Speedlight TLR-8. The first holster was a perfect fit for my P320 X VTAC however the one created for her firearm had a sticky draw that she detested. I contacted Wade in customer service for options and received a response the same day. He totally took care of us! We received a prepaid shipping label with door to door turn around in about a week. The second fitting was perfect and fully satisfied my wife’s discerning taste. We love this company and will be purchasing an EDC concealed holster in the near future.

  17. Gus Galbraith (verified owner)

    Got the leather wing holster for my Glock 20 with TLR-8 light and it is awesome! First off the gun fits perfectly into it and snaps in giving good retention. Then I really like the curved shape of it as it conforms to my hip really good and helps to conceal the weapon. Although a little bit spendy, I am glad that I have it. Seems to be high quality too.

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