Leather WING™

KYDEX® where you need it, leather where you want it.
Leather Wing
Leather Wing
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather WING™
Leather Wing
Leather Wing

The Leather WING™ holster by BlackPoint Tactical is a naturally evolved version of the original KYDEX® holster. The Leather WING™ was designed to retain the most popular features of a KYDEX® holster, while improving the fit and comfort of the holster to the body through the addition of leather “wings”. The seamless integration of leather and KYDEX® allows for the retention and function of a traditional KYDEX® holster, while providing the comfort of a traditional leather holster.

The KYDEX® footprint of this holster is minimized by trimming the excess KYDEX® off the sides of the holster, and replacing it with leather “wings”. The belt loops of the holster are attached to these wings and the belt of the wearer then threads through the loops on the Leather WING™s. This configuration allows for ultimate comfort, reliability, and concealment. The Leather WING™ allows the holster to naturally curve with the body, giving a much slimmer and more comfortable fit.


Leather Wings
Allow for ultimate comfort, reliability, and concealment by allowing the leather to curve naturally to the body.

Metal OWB Loops
Eliminates a common failure point on many OWB holsters.

Sweat Guard
Standard option that extends from top of holster between body and firearm. Protects gun by providing a sweat barrier from the body. Protects body from gun when holstering. Provides touch point for ease in holstering.

Cant Options
Available straight up and down or at a 15° forward cant.

Tension Screw
Allows for quick adjustment of holster retention within set range.

OWB Concealable
The thin mounting profile of the holster allows for OWB concealment.

Thread Locker
Applied to all screws to prevent loosening over time.

Additional OWB Loops
Available in 2.00”, 1.75”, and 1.5”. Our adjustable loop is 1.75” and allows for adjustments in ride height.

OWB/IWB Conversion
All OWB holsters can be converted to IWB by removing the OWB loops from the back of the holster and attaching IWB loops to the front of the holster.

All holsters proudly made in the USA
Made in the USA

38 reviews for Leather WING™

  1. Kenneth (verified owner)

    I work over seas. I have had leather, kydex, and polymer holsters. This holster by far is THE best holster I have ever worn. I wear my leather wing all day, every day. The leather wings make this extremely comfortable. I was very surprised of the comfort and quality of this holster. And with a Lifetime Warranty, how can you go wrong.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. joecristi

    Thanks again BPT for another Leather Wing. The fit and finish is perfect for my Kahr MK9 and it conceals and stays comfy very well IWB and OWB. Can’t go wrong with the chocolate brown leather & OD green kydex!

  3. Dave

    I have 3 of the Leather Wing holsters. Hands down the best kydex/leather holster on the market. The retention is phenomenal. The kydex doesn’t scratch your gun’s finish like some other holsters out there. Can’t wait to buy more guns so I can get more Leather Wings.

  4. David Cline

    Finally a holster that is so comfortable you will forget you have it on. I have tried many other brands , styles and none come close to the Leather Wing. A really great product!

  5. Bob (verified owner)

    This is by far the most comfortable own holster I have ever worn. The tension retention is adjustable but is very effective.
    The price is justified once you put it on and insert your handgun and wear it for a while.

  6. retsniper (verified owner)

    Just received my holster today, I have a large auto H&K 45 and I was using an Uncle Mikes belt holster, the gun would wobble on my hip and left such an obvious print. Put on the new Black Point Leather Wing it fit snug on my belt and against my hip, slid the H&K in and it fit like they were built together, I walk and turn there is no movement and no print under my shirt, the retention was perfect right out of the box. That said there is a big difference with a holster that is built for your make and model only………..Then the one I had that was built for any large auto. I will review again after a few weeks but so far this is the best Holster Ive seen in years.

  7. Larry (verified owner)

    This is an outstanding holster! Although I already had quality holsters, I am amazed at functionality and quality of these. I have one for my Sig 238, and bought another for my XDm 3.8, and they’re both super high quality. These are the best products I have seen to date.

  8. Derek

    great holster! i could have bought a slightly cheaper one from a different company, but between giving my business to a Ga. company with a good reputation, and the features of their leather-wing, i chose to pay the slight difference. i could not be happier, it truly is a very comfortable OWB holster.

  9. Philip McLaughlin (verified owner)

    I have used this holster over a month now, there are times I have to reach down just to make sure I have it on. It is doing the job it was designed to do very well. If I ever need another holster I will only get one of these. (Used for a H&K 45 full size Auto as a CCW no print at all on this big weapon)

  10. Ric

    The leather wing you made for my MK23 is absolutely awesome! I carry all day long in this setup and it is comfortable.

  11. skinsfsu (verified owner)

    Let me say first and foremost Blackpoint has some great customer service! I dealt with Tyler over the phone and through email. He was very helpful and informative and made me make my decision easier. I actually received it two weeks after i ordered which is great for a custom product. I chose the Leather wing for my Sig Sauer P226 MK25. Was nice that Tyler told me they base their 226 holster on the MK25. This is not the easiest pistol to get a holster for so made my decision easy. I chose Armour Black on both sides of kydex and tan leather and did 2 inch clips OWB.. The fit and finish and build quality are excellent! Worth every penny and exceeded my expectations! The holster is very comfortable and I’m glad I did the 2 inch clips! Gives you room to move it a little; especially getting in and out of the car. Did not even have to adjust the tension screw was great out of the box. Will definitely order another for my P320 compact when i get it. And will get a M.A.P. for both also. Will be good for two magazines and my Surefire P2X Fury! Have no reservations and order one for you pistol. Great company and great products.

  12. Andy (verified owner)

    Wonderful!! I now have four holsters in the Leatherwing style, and really like the leather wings. On my body style the wings make the holster fit close to the body, and allow some flex when I sit down or bend over, not a small issue for me at 6-4 and 260. I work part-time at a range/gunstore, and typically work a 12 hour shift on Saturdays. It is at the store that I really have come to enjoy wearing your product, it is comfortable and secure. Maybe the biggest point for me is that it does not protude like some other kydex rigs, not a small issue with the limited space behind a counter and corners to go around where the gun can snag or hit cabinets or other people. Finally the quality is top drawer, I have not seen any finer, and the fits are perfect to the gun.

  13. Ed Kraus

    Got my leather wing holster for my M&P 40 a few months ago and it is simply an excellent holster. After conferring with Tyler who was most accommodating I chose the carbon fiber look and dark red leather. The holster is extremely comfortable and the fit for my pistol isn’t good, it is PERFECT! I love the way the gun just clicks into place when reholstering. Retention adjustment is a “must have” for me and it works superbly on this holster. I highly recommend
    Blackpoint Tactical.

  14. Ryan Pangretic (verified owner)


    Blackpoint Tactical Holsters came HIGHLY Recommended by a fellow LEO and Marine. As a career LEO it is incredibly important to me that I have the best in the industry as I carry a firearm daily and have done so for the last 16 years. I only wish I would have found BPT and Tyler over a decade ago as I have clearly been wasting hard earned money on other products that work well enough, but do not stand a chance against Black Point Tactical Holsters. I loved my LEATHER WING so much that I ordered four others from authorized dealers for different firearm platforms. The craftsmanship and quality is immediately recognizable to anyone who has anytime in the business!! I am a gear-snob and hard to please; especially, with hundreds of kydex manufactures out there… Of course, I have absolutely no doubt that somewhere on the marketplace there are other companies that makes high-end quality holsters ***HOWEVER; at this point I have NO REASON to look anywhere else***

    I have already recommended these holsters to some of the closest people I know and presented one as a gift to a recently Retired Marine Aviator …THEY CAN EVEN STAMP THE USMC Emblem and other options on the holster and with an excellent choice option list of colors and customization you cannot go wrong!!

    All in all you will absolutely love the durability, practical – tactical style and applicability :), retention, and all day comfort of these OUTSTANDING holsters!!! The leather and kydex combo really does make a world of difference…

    In fact, its time to order the next for the new SIG P320 …

    Thank You BPT and Thank You TYLER….your customer service is a 5-Star as well 🙂

    Be blessed and Be safe 1*

  15. Christopher (verified owner)

    I own several of these Holsters, G19, G17 and a M&P 9mm. They are great you will not be disappointed.

  16. ryanz1000 (verified owner)

    I have had the hybrid IWB holster for about a year now and wear it daily. It is by far the best IWB holster I have used. Thank you so much for the First Class customer service I have recieved!!! I am currently waiting for my Leather Wing to arrive and I can’t wait!!!! Thank you again!!! Ryan

  17. Hank

    I bought this holder on Sean’s recommendation from Hi Caliber. My CompTac-MTAC holster broke and CompTac would not warranty it. Thankfully, I have found a much better holster. The fit and finish are amazing. It is incredibly comfortable. I am looking forward to getting one for my 1911. This is by far the best holster I have purchased. The fact it is made here in Georgia makes it even better. Well done!

  18. x999

    Hands down the best, most comfortable holster I have ever owned. It’s very concealable under a jacket or suit, the firearm stays secure in the holster, the draw is smooth, reholstering is easy. It looks nice and feels nice. Perfect for sitting or standing all day.

    I recently ordered a mini-wing and I will post a review after I receive it and have had some time to play with it.

    My background:
    I served in the US Army. I have extensive security training and experience. I have attended training at Gunsite, Executive Security International, and many others. Currently, I work for a private military contractor providing executive protection and other services.

  19. Mike Herring

    I have 2 of this holsters and they are outstanding. Fit, comfort, and along with customer service you can not get any better.

  20. James

    One of the best, if not the best, holster’s I’ve ever owned! Quality construction, custom made, perfect fit!!!

  21. chris

    I loved my leather wing for my glock 17 I will be getting another one when I get a glock 30s. I would carry all day and forget it was there. You g I us make a great product keep up the great work

  22. zachary williams

    I ordered an all kydex OWB for a light-mounted 4″ 1911 and this is the finest example of kydex I have ever seen or used. Even with the rather large and heavy setup I’m carrying, this holster kept the gun close to my body. Fit and retention are perfect, with excellent finish quality. If you don’t mind waiting a bit for a custom holster, this is WELL WORTH the wait. Also, as I got a little impatient/excited for mine to come in the mail, I emailed customer service. Tyler’s reply was very quick and very professional. I will be buying more.

  23. jrv62 (verified owner)

    Best of all worlds!
    I say best of all worlds because you get the best of both world of leather and Kydex. But the customer service you’ll receive from Tyler and company is in a world all their own! I’m in a business that lives and dies based on the quality of our customer service. Often times I come away from a transaction shaking my head and thinking, “Not if that were my company!” It’s so refreshing to deal with a company like BlackPoint Tactical that not only creates and awesome product, they also provide an awesome customer experience. On the day my leather wing arrived I had been carrying my Glock 17 all day in a traditional leather pancake. Excited to try my new holster out I swapped holsters immediately. When I put the pistol in the leather wing, it was as if it had disappeared. It was so comfortable compared to the traditional leather I was amazed. Needless to say this will certainly not be my only dealing with BlackPoint and the leather wing. In fact, I’ve already purchased another!

  24. Michael (verified owner)

    Fantastic holster, the most comfortable I’ve worn, I just ordered a second.

  25. Tom (verified owner)

    Just recieved my LeatherWing for my Sig P220. My immediate impression is how comfortable this holster is. The holster fits my Sig like a glove and the retention is excellent. After all goes well after wearing it for a couple weeks I will order another for my Sig P232.

  26. Brant (verified owner)

    I have two of WING holsters, one for a Glock 43 and one for a Glock 43 with a TLR-6 light. Both are superb, minimal bulk but excellent retention and comfort. Blackpoint is excellent to work with, they take care of their customers. Highly recommended!

  27. Mark Paolillo (verified owner)

    This holster spells quality all the way. Glad to do business with an American made company. Perfect fit for my Glock 23. So comfortable you forget you are wearing it.

  28. Jacob Wise (verified owner)

    Excellent holster. I bought my first blackpoint holster about 3 years ago and I havnt found anything else that comes close.
    The leather wing stays close to your body and isn’t too heavy like most holsters this style.

  29. Mike Menkal

    “Over the past 14 months, I have purchased numerous products from several online vendors for my Sig Sauer P226 TacOps. My pistol is chambered in 9mm. I also have a 40 S&W conversion kit that I also use at my gun club.

    From all of my purchases, nothing gives me greater pleasure than to submit a review for the most stellar company I have had the pleasure to work with, which is Black Point Tactical!

    Firstly, 100% of their products are rock solid. The quality of their materials are the best I have found. In addition, without question, BPT takes enormous concern about their craftsmanship as well their customer service. They are simply a cut above all online vendors (approximately 20) I have ordered from!

    Additionally, each interaction I’ve had with Tyler or Vanessa either by phone or online, before or during the manufacturing process has been first-class! Here is my summation.

    1. I’ve had my Leather Wing holster for a few weeks now. Here are my impressions. I thoroughly appreciate the look, fit, and practicality of the leather wings. The wings have a subtle, rich brown color, i.e., chocolate brown. The leather is extremely high quality, especially when I compare it to other $80.00 holsters. The wings are plenty thick, yet they are soft and pliable. The color is evenly distributed, and the finish is superb! The holster contours to my waist extremely well. It is as if the design was custom fitted for me. When I carry my full-sized Sig Sauer (34 oz. w/o ammo) with my 1 1/2 inch Ares belt, the overall weight is negligible for a full-sized pistol even when fully loaded (20 rounds per magazine). This feature is enormously convenient.

    2. The grommets are superb! They are very snug and durable. The material and finish are top notch. It is clearly evident that this holster is made for a lifetime of use, and a lot of heavy duty wear.

    3. The Kydex is very solid and plenty durable for EDC, or for more rigorous use. I love the fact that I can hold my holster upside down and shake my pistol several times without it falling out. Yet when I wear it, my pistol comes out with minimal effort, without having to adjust the tension at all! This is also the case with my new M.A.P. I can hold my Surefire P3X Fury flashlight with a fully loaded magazine, and the result is the same. Hence, the fit is very secure. Furthermore, having the option to adjust the tension is a HUGE plus, unlike my spendy leather holsters.

    4. One of the top features of the Kydex portion of my holster is that it is the BEST fitting holster available for my Sig Sauer P226 TacOps! This holster is custom fitted for my pistol right down to every detail including the trigger guard, accessory rail, decocking lever, slide catch lever, magazine catch, and more. The previous leather and plastic holsters that were intended for my P226 with an accessory rail, were supposed to fit and function well. All three popular brands that I purchased did not fit appropriately. They all fit rather quirky, rendering them completely useless.

    5. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the quality, fit and finish of my Black Point Leather Wing Holster and M.A.P! I cannot conceive of a better way to carry and secure my full-sized firearm after researching numerous online options, and speaking to several members at my gun club. Also, I really like the fact that I have a wide array of colors to chose from to personalize my gear. I live in an open carry state, but I also possess a Concealed Pistol License. I prefer to conceal, but if I print, or allow the muzzle end to ride a tad low, the earth-tone colors barely contrast with my go-to cargo pants. So having many options for OWB carry is simply the icing on the cake!

    In summary, it is very reassuring to have a pistol that suits my needs, as well as owning a top-of-the-line custom holster! I will be ordering from Black Point Tactical again. Vanessa and Tyler have been terrific to work with throughout the ordering and production process. They are first class, and provide 5-star service! They are the finest online vendor I have had the pleasure to work with! Black Point Tactical Rocks!!

    To any potential customers: I was eager to take the time to thoroughly inspect my gear, and then provide unbiased feedback. IMHO, it is more satisfying to take the time, especially when a company goes out of its way to engage with a customer throughout the entire process to ensure that the product is what the customer intended it to be.

    In addition to their superb products, quality customer service is a game changer, and is not easy to find, especially online. For me, aside from BPT’s terrific products, quality customer service is where a lot of companies fall short or completely miss the mark. Consistent communication is the necessary fabric that can make or break a company in some instances, and Tyler and Vanessa knocked it out of the ballpark!

    Thank you Black Point Tactical!!”

    Michael M.

  30. Gale Knittig (verified owner)

    Bought the leather wing for my Sig Sauer P225 A1 and it fits this gun like a glove! Keeps it tight to the body and I can wear a t shirt and no printing. Best holster around!

  31. Brian Wood (verified owner)

    This is ABSOLUTELY the best holster I’ve ever bought! And I own quite a few! This fits my Sig P365 like a handmade glove and I hardly even know I’m wearing it! HIGHLY recommended!!!

  32. Jerry Peavey


  33. Dave (verified owner)

    Just ordered a third leatherwing holster. I’ve used a variety of holsters over many years. This one is awesome–there is nothing I don’t like about it. That’s rare.

  34. Stephen Hogan (verified owner)

    Got my holster in 2 weeks faster than expected. Great product and the fit and finish is superb! Highly recommend and will be a returning customer in the near future.

  35. Brian

    Unbelievable holster! I had this specially made for my Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 40 cal. with the Crimson Trace green laser that came with the pistol and I use it now in all my competitions! I have the OWB model and it’s rock solid, nicely adjustable, and holds my handgun firmly without any ‘break-in’ needed. I will order any other holsters I need from Black Point, they have a fantastic, high quality product that will not disappoint!

  36. Joey L. Lodge

    I have been in Law Enforcement for 30 years, the last 22 in plain clothes. I have carried numerous firearms over the years in every holster configuration imaginable. I have boxes and boxes of holsters that couldn’t meet my needs…weapon retention, fast accessibility, smooth draw, comfort for long extended wear in various environments, and concealment in every type of clothing / weather imaginable. I found the perfect holster with Black Point Tactical. I have been using their holsters and accessories now for years, exclusively. On duty and off duty their products meet every demand and expectation I have in a holster, mag carrier, light carrier, and cuff case. I have never had an issue with any of their products, and they withstand any amount of abuse conceivable. I now have a Black Point Tactical holster and accessories for all of my pistols and couldn’t be happier. This company’s customer service is as awesome as their product. Super friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile for their customers. If you carry a firearm, carry it in a Black Point Tactical holster! I will never buy another brand holster.

  37. Feliks Rabinovich (verified owner)

    Extremely well made holster, ordered this for my primary edc HK USP . Very satisfied with this product. Holster displays superb weapon retention, comfort and durability. Sweatguard is a nice addition aswell. All and all this is a very well executed holster. Well Done BP Tactical. Almost worth the 2 month wait: -)

  38. Kenneth Griffin (verified owner)

    I am extremely pleased with the level of customer service that I received from Blackpoint Tactical.The quality of the holsters I have had custom made for me far exceeds any competitors! The people at Blackpoint Tactical are very helpful and I would highly recommend purchasing their products!

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