Mini WING™ IWB Holster

Mini Wing
Mini Wing
Mini WING™ IWB Holster
Mini WING™ IWB Holster
Mini WING™ IWB Holster
Mini WING™ IWB Holster
Mini WING™ IWB Holster
Mini Wing
Mini Wing
Mini Wing

The Mini WING™ retains the popular KYDEX® and leather combination of the Leather WING™, however this holster is built as a dedicated IWB holster. Designed to be minimalistic, the Mini WING™ uses as little material as possible, without sacrificing performance or durability. Dedicated to maintaining a thin profile, the Mini WING™ allows for deep concealment matched with ultimate comfort.

The pairing of KYDEX® and leather on this holster allows for the KYDEX® to reliably retain your pistol without a break in or wear out period. In addition, the KYDEX® shell prevents the holster from collapsing when your pistol is drawn, and remains open for easy one handed holstering. The leather “mini wings” are incorporated to allow the holster to wrap around the contours of your waist, allowing for a versatile fit for all body types. The “mini wings” give the holster flexibility to move with your body, making it comfortable for use all day, every day. The “mini wings” were constructed to provide the user with a variety of different configurations for IWB carry as well as a wind range of cant and ride height adjustments. This provides the user with a variety of available carry positions around the waist, from appendix, all the way to the small of the back.


Mini Wings
Allow for ultimate comfort, reliability, and concealment by allowing the leather to curve naturally to the body.

Sweat Guard
Standard option that extends from top of holster between body and firearm. Protects gun by providing a sweat barrier from the body. Protects body from gun when holstering. Provides touch point for ease in holstering.

Cant Options
Cant is user adjustable by modifying the placement of the clips on the wings.

Thread Locker
Applied to all screws to prevent loosening over time.

Additional IWB loops
Available in both polymer and metal.

IWB Adjustment
Ride height and cant can be adjusted by changing the position of the IWB loops and wings.

All holsters proudly made in the USA
Made in the USA

35 reviews for Mini WING™ IWB Holster

  1. Erik Wacker

    OUTSTANDING just received this for my full size FNS-9 you truly do not notice it. I do have a hybrid from a different company and loved it…. Until I got the mini wing again have to say OUTSTANDING!

  2. Dave S.

    BPT custom made a mini wing for my Kahr cw with a crimson trace lazer. I wear this everyday. It is perfect. Concealment is unsurpassed. Most comfortable holster I own. The guys there were very helpful during my decision making. Thanks so much. I am planning more holsters for several more pistols. See you soon.

  3. Tyler K.

    Light weight, Conceals well, Easy to draw from and comfort. What more can you ask.

  4. Rutger

    I’ve been carrying my Springfield MicroCompact (3″) 1911 in a Don Hume H715-M T.B. I’ve only got a small box of holersts collecting dust, so I guess I’m lucky I settled on this one quickly.As a noobie to carrying (we got our permits as soon as Minnesnowta went to “shall issue”) I’ve only been doing it for about 6 years. I still like the additional securement of a thumb-break strap on a 1911, particularly after I found that my thumb safety had somehow been pushed down into the “off” position with an earlier cheapo IWB holster.They make a nice clip-on IWB magazine-carrier that matches.

  5. Doug Landers (verified owner)

    You guys ROCK!! And so does the Mini-Wing for my G19!!
    Several months ago, having begun to carry concealed, I purchased a competitor’s cheap $20 Kydex IWB holster, thinking that was all I would need. It was my primary IWB holster.

    I quickly realized I didn’t like getting pinched, or getting my shirt snagged, on re-holster. I also didn’t like the way it rode on my waistband, or where I had to carry it in order to be comfortable, and not print. IT just wasn’t working out, and I was getting frustrated and disappointed.

    So I began my quest to find a better IWB. I struggled between BlackPoint and a competitor, for a bit, and almost went with the less expensive competitor. But Tyler was great with taking time to answer my challenges as to why BlackPoint was better. And he didn’t try to “sell” me a holster, but gave me valid reasons supported by facts. (Tyler, you’re a true asset to your profession, and the company!)

    On 9 June 2015, I took the plunge, and purchased a Mini-Wing IWB for my G19. At that time Tyler informed me it would take 3-3.5 weeks to receive my order. Imagine my joy when I was informed on 22 June it had already shipped, and was delivered to me on 25 June!!

    I have worn my new Mini-Wing several times since then, and love, love, love it!! Very comfortable, concealable, and excellent to draw from and re-holster into! No more pinches, snagged shirts, or other concerns. can’t believe I even considered another’s holster!

    My BPT Mini-Wing is my new primary, and the cheap $20 I had? well it is collecting retirement dust!! Thank you very much BlackPoint Tactical, and Tyler! As I said- you guys ROCK!!!
    We will be doing more business in the future!

  6. Hunter

    Incredibly comfortable. Pleasantly surprised with how well this holster concealed and how small the footprint is while wearing it. Especially carrying a Glock 23. Wouldn’t think twice to order another one for any future carry weapon. BP was incredibly helpful on the phone as well. Customer Service is top notch. Will be my company of choice for all holster purchases.

  7. tara kirby

    LOVE my mini wing holster! My daughter’s boyfriend made happen for my husbands christmas gift to me!!! Carry it everywhere!!!!!

  8. natebishop440

    I ordered a MINI Wing for my Sig P238, and even though I had a few minor details I wanted custom (engraving, colors, etc.), both Tyler and Remington were incredibly patient and answered every need I had. I know for a fact that I won’t be shopping elsewhere for my holster needs in the future. The professionalism and candor of the staff, combined with the absolute superb quality of their product means, to me, BlackPoint will very soon end up dominating at least the local market. The holster is extremely comfortable, and after a while you literally forget that its there. It even has a tendency to shift into the exact position that I want it if it is misaligned slightly when I first put it on, afterwards it sticks like glue! It refuses to print, unless I force it to, and drawing/re-holstering is a breeze, even from a tucked shirt.

    All in all, BlackPoint has provided me an extremely satisfying experience that I intend to share with everyone I know that is looking for an IWB holster. Or any holster for that matter.

  9. Kenneth (verified owner)

    I use this holster to carry my Glock 43 everyday. This holster is extremely comfortable for everyday concealed carry. I can wear a t shirt and shorts and not even notice its there. Imprinting is practically zero. I love this holster and don’t think I will buy a holster from anyone else. Keep up the good work guys!

  10. Scott

    After an extensive search for the perfect fit for an IWB holster, I settled on the Blackpoint Mini-Wing and am not disappointed. Extremely comfortable, adjustable and solid construction make this my “go-to” IWB holster for daily use.

  11. Phil

    The BPT Mini WING is my everyday carry rig. I have carried my GLOCK 43 with absolutely no problems. I also have the same holster for my GLOCK 30S and it feels like I am carrying nothing as it is comfortable to wear. These holsters are well thought out and exceptionally made. What sold me is that Black Point Tactical stands behind their product. Look no further as the Mini WING leaves all other holsters behind in the market.

  12. Stuart (verified owner)

    The Mini Wing is by far one of the best holsters I’ve ever used. From Galco, Don Hume, and DeSantis to other hybrid style holsters, the BPT Mini Wing has always delivered in ways that others do not. It is comfy, low profile, and has just enough retention (both holster and gun) to keep my gun(s) right where I need them.

    The one downside to using a Mini Wing, is the larger the pistol – the larger the holster. This is not in any way the fault of BPT as I simply need to lose a bit of weight. After several weeks at the gym to work off my “front load”, I’ll be able to wear my pants about a half inch or so higher to accommodate for larger holsters. I have used the Mini Wing for Glock 26, Sig P938, Glock 42, Sig P229, and soon the Sig P239. I also have Leather Wings on order for other full sized pistols, and do not see myself changing brands anytime soon.

    Great work BPT! I look forward to more of your products in the near future!

  13. Mike Herring

    The best holster for fit and confront. Customer service is outstanding !!!

  14. John

    I just got the mini wing in the past week! This is the best IWB holster I have worn!! I use it with a Glock 19 and it is very comfortable!! I have worn it everyday since and it is by far the best IWB I have found! I will be ordering another one with a weapon light capability.

  15. E.J.

    I’ve been using the mini wing IWB holster for over a year. It is very comfortable and easy for every day carry. I had a minor personal issue when I first started using it but contacted them via e mail and they took care of me immediately. The customer service was excellent and they were able to completely and easily remedy my problem. I would and have highly recommended BlackPoint to friends.

  16. steve299

    This is the 3rd Holster I have purchased from Blackpoint Tactical. After trying other companies holsters (Alien Gear) in between purchases I have realized that these are far superior and well worth the money that they cost I should have stuck with what I was happy with.

  17. Sol

    just picked up my Sig P239 from a dealer that happened to have a BPT mini wing in stock for my gun. I bought it on a whim and had never tried a holster in this style, usually carrying a much larger P226. I went for a walk with the holster and it truly disappears, even when wearing thin hiking shorts and a casual leather belt. Sometimes you just fall in to the right gear. Well done guys!

  18. Psycho

    I have never been a fan of IWB holsters but due to me leaving my holster behind on a recent trip, I was desperate and bought the Black Point. I put in on in the store and it was so comfortable, I carried my Sig 938 back to the house I was staying in. It was a good thing I did because I came home to a burglary. I wouldn’t have had my pistol with me if the holster wasn’t so comfortable and concealable. I have worn it every day since.
    Thank you for making such a great holster.

  19. TJ

    This holster has been the final solution for me in my search, it is brilliant and it provides the best of many features found in other holsters. I have tried the Stealth Gear IWB mini, Crossbreed Freedom Carry, Blue Alpha Gear Aero, Precision Holster Ultra Carry, and Alien Gear Cloak tuck 3.0. This holster has been the best out of all of them. Not only is it the most concealable of them all but also the most versatile. This holster can be worn in a plethora of positions and will even work for Appendix carry in a pinch, even though it is not designed as a dedicated AIWB. If AIWB is your desire, I would look at another holster designed for it, but this will work also which is very impressive! It is absolutely excellent at 2-5 O’clock. It carries perfectly for me at 2:30 and lays into the body. This holster also provides an exceptionally clean draw. I have very big hands so a firm draw getting all of my fingers on the frame is important. This holster with adjustable dual clips connected to the leather provides a perfect draw. This holster is also very comfortable. I would rate it as an 9/10 in the comfort department; The leather does it’s function very well and out of all the holsters I have found that this one “moves with you” the best, which is also important for sitting and driving. This holster is also very light and another feature is that this holster can be slid along your belt to any position you desire between belt loops and the clips and leather are modular allowing different configurations. The retention is also excellent; you can hold the holster upside down and shake it fairly firm and the pistol remains in the holster. Overall this holster is an exceptional value, I will definitely be ordering another custom IWB Mini for a Surefire XC1 in the future.

  20. Kirk (verified owner)

    This is the most comfortable iwb that I own for my edc Springfield Mod 2. I thought my other brand was comfortable, this thing after adjustment just disappears on my 4o’clock. Will be purchasing an owb wing in the near future!! Thanks Guys!!


    The best holster available…hands down!
    I was slow to make the move to kydex for all the wrong reasons. I had a box full of the next new best holsters, ones that didn’t fit or didn’t work, when my gunsmith first mentioned what was then, a new company from Marietta. I shrugged off his suggestions more than once. Finally he handed me his one day and told me to try it out. That was several years and many black points ago….I am so glad that he did because I absolutely love your products. In addition you have some of if not the best customer service in the industry. After purchasing my first black point holster I quickly began to outfit all my carry guns with a matching black point rig. Tyler was so very patient in answering all my questions, even those in reference to color combination. I knew then I would be a loyal customer. After wearing your product daily for four years now, I can honestly say that I choose no other holster to protect me and my family. It is as much a part of my EDC as my carry gun itself. Black Point holsters of all types have a very unique draw, to describe it… I would call it comforting. You know that your gun is secure as soon as you holster it and the draw is uniquely amazing. For any of my friends who ask about the funny looking holster with my initials across the front, I do the same thing for them my gunsmith did for me…. let them use mine for a day, after that the response is usually the same. Where can I get one of these …and if it didn’t have your initials all over the front I would ask to keep this one….lol I always wondered why my gunsmith had his name engraved on the front of his holster….now I know. Thanks black point for bringing a superior product to market at a reasonable price. I can say without a shadow of a doubt there is no better inside the waist band holster than the Mini wing

    Thanks Guys

  22. Brian (verified owner)

    This holster out of the box was pretty much ready for use. I had a difficult time finding a high quality holster for my Sig 227 full size. This is the best fitting holster I’ve ever seen out of the box, the retention was absolutely perfect. I can tell pretty quickly if a holster will work for me and I’m already in love with this one. Their holsters are expensive but worth every dollar. Thanks Blackpoint Tactical!

  23. Robert A.

    Great holster…better customer service. Walked in with an older holster in need of some repair. Walked out with an order for a new Leather Wing as a warranty replacement! Production was faster than expected and so far I’m loving the holster. Beats my old one hands down for comfort and design. And one of the best customer service experiences ever. Keep it up BPT. I’ll be back!

  24. Thomas

    I have played around with a few different IWB holsters and none of them performed or felt exactly how I wanted them to. The mini wing has been EXACTLY what I wanted from a IWB holster. It’s thin, comfortable, good retention, easy to take on and off, adjustable…. it’s the last IWB holster I will buy for my carry guns. Good Job Black Point

  25. Batt

    I’m in the HVAC field and needed a comfortable holster that I can tuck in. I where this with a Glock 43 for 12+ hours a day. I will be buying one of these in the 1911 series as well. The leather clips allow several mounting depth and pitch options as well. (it will make sense when you start moving them around.)

  26. toddo (verified owner)

    Very high quality and comfortable IWB holster. Provides an effective and secure hold in a minimalist format for a P239. Great product.

  27. Robert Grabowski

    Great holster,very comfortable. I have had it for a year now and it looks and wears great.

  28. Charlie in Oregon

    Finally, the heavens have opened up and the gods of concealed carry have delivered unto me the perfect concealed carry IWB holster! I recently purchased a Sig Sauer P365 at my favorite Local Gun Shop. While waiting for the paperwork to process, I saw a really small and attractive holster marketed by Sig, designed for the 365. Knowing that it may be difficult to find a good holster for a gun that is still new, I decided to check it out. I was taken with the attractiveness, simplicity, and small size of the holster and found the price to be reasonable. Once I placed the gun in the holster and got it situated on my waist (I wear in the 3:30 to 4:30-ish position, depending on what pair of pants I’m wearing) I was instantly taken with this holster! It was easy to clip onto my waistband (something that is annoying with some other brands and becomes a disincentive to carrying for me), it doesn’t feel like a giant pad of leather pressing into my side like so many other IWB holsters, and it was shockingly comfortable. They truly nailed the design for my needs – the absolute least amount of holster to provide the maximum amount of comfort with reliable weapon retention and holster security. The clips grip my belt securely while still being somewhat easy to remove at the end of the day. The cant and height adjustments are quite clever in their simplicity and effectiveness. After carrying the P365 for a day or two, I went to their website and ordered a MiniWing for my Glock 42. They have lots of attractive holster color options and I will take advantage of those options for future holsters. It may sound crazy, but a good looking holster is one more small factor that affects my carry decisions (and my decision to carry). The Sig branded one that I purchased for my 365 is really attractive with the SIG logo and two color kydex. It just makes the decision to buy the MiniWing that much easier. I have a small duffle bag of IWB holsters, butt packs, disguised belt carry cases, and man bags that are proof of my frustrating search for the right holster and gun combination. The MiniWing is THE perfect holster for my needs. Paired with the Sig P365, I think my search for the perfect concealed carry configuration is over!

  29. James T. Martin (verified owner)

    (Sig, P320C 40S&W). Carried holster for nearly two years now and have no problems with the Mini Wing. Carried at 430-5 o’clock position. The leather, the screws, the plastic loops have all held up beautifully. Retention on the pistol is excellent (even fully loaded 13+1). Comfortable to wear sitting or standing for long periods of time. I am glad to carry and use a great product and will be ready to shop BPT products in the future.

  30. Joseph Walsh

    I have a Mini Wing for my Sig 938 and my Walther PPQ. They are both amazing holsters. I am about to order one for a new 1911 I just got.

  31. David Y (verified owner)

    Just got my mini-wing in the mail. Very happy with this holster for my Sig P365 SAS. The holster is easy to draw from, and I am especially happy with how easy it is to holster the gun while wearing the mini wing. The holster is custom cut to the gun, and completely covers the trigger guard and follows the shape of the gun.
    When I ordered the holster the wait time was listed as 7-8 weeks, so I was happy when I got my email from BPT saying it shipped after about a month.

  32. Christian A.

    Got a mini wing for a P365 XL with the LIMA laser and it is absolutely phenomenal. The fit is amazing, it locks the firearm in place, is minimalistic, extremely comfortable and perfectly concealable. I also like the customization options – mine is OD Green with red leather and it looks pretty cool. I highly recommend Black Point’s mini wind.

  33. Christopher Damone

    Picked up a mini wing for me Shield+. The mini wing is comfortable, honestly can barely tell it is even there and even with my build it doesn’t print. It is an awesome product and I will be making more orders in the future

  34. Mario

    Almost ordered one of these holsters a year ago but went with another reputable brand in my attempt to join the AIWB movement. Huge mistake! AIWB just isn’t for me and I wouldn’t have even had the urge to try it had I not just bought the Mini Wing in the first place. This holster is minimal yet secure and adds very little bulk to my belt/hip. What I instantly noticed was how well this holster accommodated to and contoured to my hip unlike any other holster I’ve tried. The wings and clips also do an excellent job of dispersing the weight across my belt which eliminates sag and adds to the overall comfort. By far the most comfortable holster I’ve ever worn. Bought for the P365 and will definitely buy for my P320 X Compact.

  35. Alex

    I am usually hesitant to write a review on day one but this holster is an exception. I received it in the mail this morning and swapped out my crossbreed that I have carried daily for years. I carry a 1911 it the 1 o’clock or 4 o clock position depending on what I am wearing and I am very impressed with the comfort out of the box. Usually with holsters I have had to break them in a bit and get used to them. This mini wing is the best comfort I’ve had so far, especially in the one o’clock position. The big deference between this and the crossbreed is the ride height of the pistol. This holster allows you to get almost the entire trigger guard above the belt line, this makes carrying a full sized pistol with a 5” barrel much more comfortable when sitting. Retention was perfect out of the box. Very happy with the holster. Eventually I will be trying out the Iwb mag carrier to replace what I currently have. Well done Black Point Tactical.

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