I wanted to say thank you to Harvey and everyone at BlackPoint. The holsters are great! The IWB for my Glock 26 is the most comfortable IWB I have ever worn. I carry concealed on a daily basis for my job and Harvey customized the holster perfectly for appendix carry. I have found it to work perfectly for weaponside carry as well. In both modes of carry I find that the BlackPoint IWB leaves minimal print with my everyday clothes. I also have a BlackPoint for my Glock 17 with a Surefire weaponlight. I carry this when I feel the situation warrants the carrying of a full size pistol with the weapon light over the improved concealment of the IWB.  The holster still fits snug to the body and seems much lighter than any other holster I have used for the Glock with a weaponlight.
 Thanks again for the great products.