Let me start off by saying that Blackpoint Tactical’s customer service is top notch! Tyler was the email contact. Harvey was the in store representative. All questions were answered quickly via email. Both guys were very professional and courteous. I was able to go to the store front and test fit the holster I wanted to purchase prior to buying one. Harvey was real helpful with recommendations. I purchased the mini leather wing Light-mounted IWB Holster. The guys were extremely informative and knowledgeable about the product. The store front was organized and clean.

As for the holster, I put the comfort level to the test on a 12 hour road trip. Even carrying appendix style with a weapons light attached using this holster was surprisingly comfortable. I carry everyday now with this setup and would recommend to anyone carrying AIWB. This holster also fits/carries great on the 3,4 & 5 o’clock positions. Only recommendation I would make for BPT is to supply shorter IWB Kydex clips. I was able to modify the clips provided to fit my body type. No big deal… STILL A SUPERIOR PRODUCT! Thanks BLACKPOINT TACTICAL for making a fantastic product.