“An overall excellent product!

I have been in Law Enforcement for eighteen years and in that time I have used several types of holsters in various configurations. My experience with many of these holsters has often been less than satisfying. Approximately a year ago I started carrying my issued Glock 35 in a Blackpoint Tactical holster on a daily basis. The form and function of this holster is top notch. It securely maintains the weapon and keeps it close to the body with no unnecessary movement.  The construction and functionality of this holster is by far the best I have ever used. The holster has withstood the rigors of being carried daily and every form of abuse I have subjected it to. As a Law Enforcement Officer and private firearms instructor I have used the holster in numerous firearms classes with very positive results. Due to my experiences with this holster I often recommend Blackpoint holsters to my fellow officers and private clients without hesitation. I now carry my pistols in Blackpoint Tactical holsters exclusively and own several of them.”


Matt Hester

Law Enforcement Officer

Firearms Instructor