Sig Exclusive OWB

Sig Exclusive OWB


The SIG Exclusive OWB was developed by BlackPoint Tactical in collaboration with SIG SAUER® to be a low profile, outside the waistband holster that is comfortable, rugged, and fast into action. To accomplish these goals, the SIG OWB holster was re-designed from the ground up for 2018. The bottom corners of the holster were removed which reduced the overall length and width of the holster. These changes helped eliminate a potential point of discomfort (where the lower corners of the holster dig into the hip) while retaining the side attachment points for the belt loops. The side mounting points help reduce the overall thickness of the holster and ensures that the holster rides tight to the body which ensures the holster is easy to conceal. Additionally, the side mounting points maximizes the width of the contact points (within the narrow holster profile) between the holster and the belt which makes the overall platform more stable.

The SIG OWB holster uses our proprietary Step Loops™. They allow the customer to use either a 1.5” or 1.75” belt securely without having to make any changes to the loops. They are constructed from a high strength polymer that is extremely durable and feature a locking tab for the t-nuts securing the loop, so they fit flush while being easy to remove should the need arise. The holster has a factory RDS cut (for Non-Canted Holsters) to allow the use of SIG Romeo optics where applicable. The non-light mounted holsters feature adjustable retention which can be fine-tuned to the user’s preference.

All holsters proudly made in the USA
Made in the USA

Key Features

Step Loops™
These proprietary loops hold the holster close to the body and accommodate both 1.5" & 1.75" belts in the same loop.
Adjustable Retention
These holsters feature a retention screw which allows the end user to adjust tension within a set range.
Optic Compatible
These holsters are built with a factory RDS cut (on non-canted holsters) so they are compatible with optics, like the SIG Romeo. Canted holsters can have an RDS cut applied by selecting the RDS cut while configuring the holster.

Current custom product lead time:
7-8 Weeks

Delivery Times: This holster is custom built to your exact specifications. BlackPoint's industry leading build process yields a holster like none other. This process does take time so please be patient while we make sure your holster is built just the way you want it - Your Holster. Your Way.

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